New Jersey Alliance for Culture Change


What is the Leadership Academy?

The NJACC (New Jersey Alliance for Culture Change) announced this new program funded through a grant from CMS (Center for
Medicare and Medicaid Services) and the New Jersey Department of Health. 

Transformative Leadership Academy for Person-Centered Care (TLA-PCC) is now open for applications through November 15th . This will be an intense four-part educational series focused on leadership development to transform organizations to a Person-Centered Care model and will be limited to just 30 participants. The course will be provided by GERTI out of Olathe, KS an organization established in 2003 to help transform long-term care organizations through education and practical application. 

The program will focus on core competencies of person-centered care including: Consistent Staffing, Customer Service, Team Building, Management, Leadership, Dining Standards and Regulation & Survey Compliance. Successful candidates will commit to attend all four sessions along with implementation of strategies within their organizations throughout the program.  

To become a part of this exciting program in New Jersey begin your application by hitting the Apply Now button below.


What is Culture Change?

"Culture Change” is defined as the transformation from traditional, institutional practices to person-directed practices where residents' and staff members' opinions are encouraged and respected. This philosophy of person-centered care is encouraged in both long and short term living environments as well as community-based settings where those receiving care, and their caregivers, are able to be part of the decisions that affect their daily lives.



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The NJ Alliance for Culture Change strives to transform the traditional culture of long term care practices, to one that promotes individualized care and services supporting dignity and choice for each person.


The NJACC promotes Culture Change in care settings to improve the lives of individuals and their caregivers, by seeking to transform the traditional practices of longterm care to ones that uphold individualized care and services, supporting dignity, choice and autonomy.

  • The NJACC will create a presence for culture change in NJ. (Social media, website, e-newsletter, etc)
  • The NJACC will focus on education for the "masses". (Conduct survey of education needs, host or present at conventions, etc.).
  • The NJACC will host forums for stakeholders to share with each other. (Best practices, success stories, etc.).
  • The NJACC will connect with direct-care workers to support and honor their voices. (Work with established groups, determine needs, etc.).
  • The NJACC will promote culture change theories and practices to the future leaders of long term care. (Support network, education in 100 hour course, etc.).
  • If you are interested in helping out by joining one of our groups dedicated to the goals above please contact us at


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