The NJACC promotes Culture Change in care settings to improve the lives of individuals and their caregivers, by seeking to transform the traditional practices of long term care to ones that uphold individualized care and services, supporting dignity, choice and autonomy.

  • The NJACC will create a presence for culture change in NJ through such mediums as social media, website and an e-newsletter.
  • The NJACC will focus on education for the "masses".
  • The NJACC will host forums for stakeholders to share with each other. (Best practices, success stories, etc.).
  • The NJACC will connect with direct-care workers to support and honor their voices. (Work with established groups, determine needs, etc.).
  • The NJACC will promote culture change theories and practices to the future leaders of long term care. (Support network, education in 100 hour course, etc.).

If you are interested in helping out by joining one of our groups dedicated to the goals above please contact us at


Our Goals

The New Jersey Alliance for Culture Change consists of providers, professionals, organizations and agencies that are committed to serving as a resource and inspiration to those new to the Culture Change journey, as well as those further along in their transformation.   It is focused on providing education and training opportunities to help transform long-term care communities across the state into more viable environments where residents do not just survive, but continue to lead a life of purpose. 


Denise Boudreau-Scott, MHA, LNHA

Vice Chairperson/Treasurer:
Toni Lynn Davis, MHA, CNHA

Candice Avila, CTRS